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My name is Peter Tsagarelis from North East Mortgages an affiliate of Dominion Lending Centres (DLC). I’m a full-time commercial mortgage broker who’s completely independent from any bank or lender. Whether you are looking for financing for purchase, your current mortgage is up for renewal or you are looking to refinance your apartment buildings or semi-commercial properties, I have the experience and knowledge to save you money.



Apartment building financing specialist

I specialize in obtaining mortgages for multi-unit residential (5+ unit apartment buildings) and semi-commercial (5+ unit apartment buildings with ground floor commercial space) properties. I have developed privileged relationships with a wide range of lenders, and I understand the unique issues and challenges of apartment building ownership, which is the key to getting the best possible results.It's important to choose a broker that is familiar with this type of financing. A specialist in apartment building financing can keep you informed throughout the process, and greatly simplify and expedite the approval of your loan application. A lending institution generalist or a residential mortgage broker rarely works on this type of file and may not provide the expertise and quality service you need.

Mortgages for purchase, renewal or refinance

Mortgages to purchase investment properties are typically available up to 75% of the appraised value or as high as 85% for multi-unit residential properties under the CMHC insured program. An analysis of your existing mortgage will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether or not it makes sense to refinance your mortgage prior to maturity. Remember, you have the option to shop for the most competitive rate available for your mortgage at renewal time, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Whatever your need, I'll be there to walk you through the entire process and do all the leg work to ensure you get the best rate and terms possible!

Dominion Lending and North East Mortgages

Dominion Lending Centres helps facilitate over $20 Billion in mortgages every year and have access to rates that are not available to the public. At the local level, North East Mortgages based in Montreal and is a well known mortgage agency affiliated to Dominion Lending Centres of Canada. Both of these companies have established excellent relationships in the lending community with banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, pension funds, private institutions and individual investors.

Unbiased advice

As a licensed commercial mortgage broker, I am required by the Real Estate Brokerage Act to promote your interests and protect your rights. It is important that you are making an educated decision with professional unbiased advice.

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Your consultation costs nothing and there is never any obligation to use my services. Get in touch today and discover how we will get you the best mortgage on the market.

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