A commercial mortgage broker will save you money

A commercial mortgage broker works for you, not the lending institution. This means we that we can find you the best rate possible. Unlike the banks, who have an incentive to charge the the highest rate they can, our job is to find you the best deal.

Our experience works for you

Commercial real estate financing transactions are often very complex.We have extensive experience and are experts at structuring transactions that work optimally for all parties concerned. Our professionals facilitate a smooth process which begins with initial discussions and ends with a timely and problem free funding. In order to attract the best financing possible, each situation is presented as effectively and professionally as possible.With our strong ties to many different lending institutions, we are able to reduce costs and find the best rate at the moment. And because we do billions of dollars in business annually, you benefit from our large negotiating power.

Licensed professionals

Commercial mortgage brokers are licensed with the ''Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec''(OACIQ). This organization is responsible for supervising the real estate brokerage in the province of Quebec which insures consumer protection.